Introducing the B.R.A Group

Tuesday 3 February

Introducing the B.R.A Group

We’re excited to introduce the Breast Reconstruction Awareness (B.R.A) Group - a new addition to our timetable here at Maggie’s Oxford. Organised by the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department from the John Radcliffe Hospital, the group is for women who have either previously undergone, or are currently awaiting - or considering - breast reconstruction.

The evening sessions are informal, providing attendees with the opportunity to make friends and ask questions - no matter how big or small. We hope that after coming along, group members go home knowing everything they possibly can about breast reconstruction. Bringing people together who are at different stages of the journey gives a real opportunity to learn from each other, and discuss things you may not want to talk about with family and friends.  

The team leading the group is a mixture of medical and non-medical staff. They provide a relaxed atmosphere to talk about what to expect in and around the time of admission.

The B.R.A Group meet every six weeks in the Centre. To find out more, give us a call on 01865 751882 or pop into the Centre for more information. The next session runs on Thursday 12 February  at 7:30- 9:30pm – we look forward to seeing you there.