Laura's story

Tuesday 7 May

Laura's story

As a mum of four, Laura’s diagnosis hit her especially hard. Her operations left her physically exhausted and unable to move. Two years on, she’s completed two Culture Crawls and is looking forward to the future.

You can speak to the staff at Maggie’s about anything; you can tell them your cancer worries without any judgements and without worrying or feeling like you’re the burdening members of your family. You can also ask questions about what to expect from your medical team. More than anything, Maggie’s helped me to accept my cancer diagnosis and accept the new normal for me. They also helped me to overcome my anxieties about the cancer coming back and made me see that nobody knows what will happen to them in the future.”

Being able to walk two Culture Crawls was a real achievement. What was amazing was that despite still suffering from fatigue, I was able to complete and enjoy two ten-mile city walks when this time two years ago I could barely move.

I’m so glad I did them and I’m happy to be able to give something back to Maggie’s because there are other people just like me who need their support. I can’t thank the staff at Maggie’s enough for helping me and my family.