Update on the new Barts Centre

Tuesday 17 January

Update on the new Barts Centre

We are delighted to report that work on Maggie’s Barts is well underway. 

St Bartholomew Hospital itself dates back to 1123 and perhaps unsurprisingly, progress slowed last year due to various archaeological finds which required us to work with the Museum of London. 

Towards the end of last year three medieval buildings were uncovered and a medieval upstanding tile-built hearth which was a fireplace for cooking. 

We also discovered five Roman burials; four adults and one juvenile whose remains have been taken to the Museum of London. A pair of Roman iron hobnail boots was also found in association with one of the adult burials and is also now at the Museum.

With the archaeological work now complete, construction has moved out of the ground, the ground floor slab has been cast and the building substructure is being put in place. The curtain walling is currently being manufactured and the curved double glazed units with the prefabricated curtain wall system are scheduled to arrive over the coming months.

Close working with the NHS is vital to the success of a Maggie’s Centre so during the delays we have continued to work closely with the Barts Hospital team. 

We are planning to re-launch the project across the Hospital in order to re-engage the local clinical and allied healthcare teams and ensure that people are aware of the support that Maggie’s Barts will provide. We also continue to have a good working relationship with the Friends of the Great Hall which is adjacent to the new Centre.

We expect the building to be completed by late summer 2017 and will begin recruitment for the new Centre Head over the summer 2017. 

This will allow the Centre Head time to put the rest of the team in place by the time the Centre is open to the first visitors later this year.