About cancer

User involvement in cancer services

There are many ways that people with experience of using cancer services - whether as a someone with cancer or as a carer or relative - can get involved in developing NHS cancer services for others.

For example:

  • You can join a tumour specific user group e.g. a group for breast cancer or lung cancer.
  • You can join a group looking at all or part of the cancer service e.g. reviewing patient information leaflets or content of a website or join a group developing research into cancer.

No previous experience of group or committee membership is needed - your experience of using cancer services and ability to provide honest constructive comments is what all these groups need. Training is offered where appropriate. All groups are free to join and most refund travel costs.

To find out more about groups running in your area contact your local hospital or strategic clinical network. You can also contact cancer charities to find out more about campaigns that you can become involved in.