Cancer types

Mouth and tongue cancer (oropharyngeal)

Oral cavity is the medical name for the mouth.  Mouth cancers can start in any area of the oral cavity including the the tongue, lips, gums (gingiva), floor and roof (hard palate) of the mouth, the inner lining of the lips and cheeks (buccal mucosa) and the area behind the wisdom teeth (retrimolar trigone).

The medical name for the throat is the "pharynx".  It is divided into 3 parts: nasopharynx, laryngopharynx (also called hypopharynx) and oropharynx.

The oropharynx is the area that connects the mouth to the top of the throat. This includes the back of the tongue ( the part you can't see), the tonsils, the back of the top of the throat and the area at the back of the mouth.

The links in this section will help you to find out more about cancers of the mouth and tongue, (oral and oropharyngeal), the types of treatment that may be offered and what it involves.

There is information about additional support available for anyone affected by any type of head and neck cancer in the head and neck cancer help and support section 

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