Cancer types

Musculoskeletal cancers/sarcomas

This section will help you to find out more about musculoskeletal cancers and the help and support available for anyone affected by them. 

Musculoskeletal cancers are divided into two main types:

Soft tissue sarcomas

These are cancers of the tissues which support organs in the body including muscle, fat, nerves and blood vessels. You can find more information in our Soft tissue sarcoma section

Primary bone cancers

These are cancers which start in the bone. Some sarcomas including Ewings and osteosarcomas are also included in primary bone cancers. You can find out more in our primary bone cancer section

Primary bone cancers are not the same as secondary bone cancer and are treated differently. Secondary bone cancer (also called bone metastases/bone mets) starts in other parts of the body and then spreads to the bone. You can find out more in our secondary bone cancer section.