Living with cancer

Living with the physical and emotional effects of cancer can raise many questions and concerns. These pages will help you, your family and friends, find information and sources of local and national support. There are many people and organisations who can help you cope with your experience of cancer. More importantly, they can be used to help you to help yourself - giving back the feeling of control, in a situation which may initially feel overwhelming.

Additional information about support and help available for specific cancers is included in the relevant Cancer type section of this website.

If you would like information in another language please visit our Information in languages other than English language section.

If you have been affected by cancer in some way and would like to talk to someone about what you have read or need help finding information - you are welcome to drop into any Maggie’s Centre or to visit Maggie’s Online Centre and talk with a cancer support specialist.

Being told you have cancer can be difficult to deal with. Everyone reacts in their own way and it can be hard to take in everything that you are told.

Being told you have cancer

Telling family, friends and colleagues about the diagnosis of cancer is something that many people find difficult - who to tell, when and how. There is no simple 'right answer' for what to do, but there is support and advice available. 

Talking about cancer

Find out more about managing the practical and emotional challenges of daily life when living with cancer that cannot be cured.

Living with advanced cancer

Cancer and its treatment may cause many different physical symptoms. This section will help you to find out more about how you can help yourself to manage these symptoms. You can also find sources of help if you are struggling to cope.

Managing symptoms and treatment

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer can arouse a wide range of emotions for the person with cancer, their family and friends. This section will help you to cope with these feelings and assist you to find other people who can help you when you need them.

Managing emotions

This section is about what happens after your main treatment has finished - getting back to daily living, symptoms to watch out for and what to do if you need more support and care. 

After treatment has finished

The pages in this section will help you to find out more about the different types of treatment available for cancer, how they work and to how to decide on a treatment.

Introduction to treatment

Cancer and its treatment may affect your ability to work normally. You may have increased costs at a time when you are earning less. This section provides advice about finances, employment and travel arrangements.

Money, work and travel