Living with cancer

Driving and cancer

It is legal for most people with cancer to drive. It is important, however,  that you check this with your doctor or specialist nurse. Some treatments, the cancer itself and the drugs you are prescribed can all affect you ability to drive.

You may find that even if you are allowed to drive you are too tired to drive yourself home after appointments or treatments.

It is important to check your insurance policy as it may not be valid if you fail to tell the insurer of changes in your health or about treatments you are having.

There are some conditions that you must inform the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) of as they require you to give up your licence either temporarily or permanently.

Conditions that you must legally report include:-

  • being diagnosed with a brain tumour or brain secondaries (metastases) having a fit
  • undergoing treatments or experiencing a weakness that affects your daily activities.
  • taking medication which may affect your ability to drive safely.

You can find out more about driving and cancer from the links below and by contacting your hospital doctor or specialist nurse.