Living with cancer

Wills and digital legacies

This section will help you to find out more about how you can support others by making a will. If you were to die intestate (without making a will), your family or friends will probably face additional stress and large legal bills, at what is already a difficult time. It is possible to make a will yourself. However, to ensure that it is legally correct, it is best to discuss it with a solicitor who can advise you. This needn't be expensive and you can be reassured that the document will be legally binding.

In addition, in this modern age of online business, personal and social media accounts, there may be considerable 'tidying up' to be done once we're no longer here. Closing down your digital presence (facebook, social media, etc) , and online accounts, after your death, may not be a palatable thought. However, it does make life easier for families if all the information is one place. We have added helpful links to a number of websites who help facilitate this process.

You may find additional useful information in the practical matters section