Supporting someone

When someone has died

When someone dies, even if the death was expected, it can cause emotional distress and a huge sense of loss. If the death has happened suddenly, then the feeling of shock and numbness may be intensified. In the midst of this, the last thing you may feel like is organising what happens afterwards.

However, when someone dies, there are a number of practical matters to manage. It can be a busy time, needing to find relevant documents, notify people and register the death. There will be a funeral to plan. You may have a good idea of what the person who has died would have planned, or need some additional help and guidance from those close to you. Funeral directors can be supportive and help guide you through the process.

Here you will find useful links to a number of websites and organisations giving detailed information about what to do when someone has died. You may also find our section on Bereavement support helpful.