Raise money

Fundraising inspiration

Organising your own fundraising activity is a great way to boost your sponsorship total. Do something based on your interests or try something new. Your fundraiser can be as simple or as adventurous as you like.

What kind of fundraiser are you?


Creative type

Think you’d like to use your creative flair to fundraise for Maggie’s?

  • Hold a knit-a-thon and create something beautiful
  • Put your green fingers to good use and offer to spruce up your neighbour’s garden
  • Make a selection of greetings cards and sell them to your friends, family and colleagues

Healthy and wholesome

Thinking of combining your fundraising with a bit of self-improvement?

  • Unleash your inner intellectual self and host a book club for small donations
  • De-clutter your home and sell your unwanted things to raise money
  • Give up that sneaky bar of chocolate or glass of wine for a month and add the money you would have spent on them to your fundraising total

Star employee

Getting your colleagues involved in fundraising can be a great team builder both in and out of the office.

  • Organise a trolley cake sale, with the boss as tea lady!
  • Guess the (anything)…baby picture, jelly beans in a jar, weight of a cake…
  • Ask your employer to match your fundraising total

Just plain silly

If you have a good sense of humour and like to get people laughing, why not…

  • Take a bath in baked beans
  • Go loopy with a hula hopping competition
  • Dust off your craziest headgear for a Mad Hatter’s tea party

Fun loving

Get your friends together for a great night out – or in – to raise money for Maggie’s. Why not…

  • Host your very own Come Dine With Me
  • Hit the dance floor or hog the mic: karaoke, folk, rock and roll, organise a music night of your choice
  • Pass the popcorn…Share your favourite film with your friends at a movie night

For more ideas and fundraising inspiration, contact your Maggie’s Culture Crawl team on 0300 123 1801 or email us to request your own fundraising pack.

Did you know fundraising online is the quickest and easiest way to collect sponsorship?

Create your JustGiving page

Host a cultural quiz

Holding a quiz is a fun and simple way to reach your target. Make it culture-themed and charge £5 per person to take part. Download our quiz pack to get started.