Emotional support

Bereavement support

If someone close to you has died from cancer Maggie’s can help to support you. Our Bereavement Support Groups are a place to speak to others going through a similar experience and find advice, support and strategies for coping.

You can join our regular groups, or you can choose one-to-one bereavement support. They cover both emotional and practical concerns, from the day-to-day impact of bereavement and other relationships, to dealing with anniversaries and rebuilding your life.

Would you like to attend the Bereavement Support group? Please contact your local Centre to book your place. You can find your nearest Maggie’s Centre using the search tool below.

You can also find information and support online. Our Online Centre offers the same supportive community and practical, emotional and social support as you’ll find in all our Centres.

"I just felt the building enveloped me in love. It’s bright, it’s light and the first thing you do is smile."

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