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Ellie’s Friends

Ellie's Friends is dedicated to improving the lives of adults (16+) living with cancer, all around the UK. It provides frequent freebies from caring businesses and individuals, to offset some of the financial and psychological impact of a cancer diagnosis.

Being diagnosed with cancer is just the start of an incredibly difficult experience – there are so many pressures that are rarely mentioned: the financial impact of having to give up work, paying for trips to the hospital, healthier food, the eternal boredom and depression that sets in during recovery from chemo.

We help to reinstate ‘treats’ and give our registered users a bit of a lift at a difficult time. From days out with friends or family to special packages delivered in the post, we do what we can to continue the vision of Ellie Jeffery, who wanted to “Make the Big C Smaller.”

"I would just like to say a huge thank you for the tickets to see Jimmy Carr last night, he was simply brilliant...myself and my husband had a wonderful time and some much-needed time spent together laughing. Thank you!"

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