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Gardening therapy


Being in a natural environment has been shown to have a positive effect on wellbeing, improving mindfulness and reducing stress levels. Our gardening groups offer the chance to enjoy the gardens at Maggie’s and take part in a creative activity with other people who are going through a similar experience.

The groups are run by experienced gardeners and are open to anyone with cancer and their families and friends.

Interested in gardening at Maggie’s? Please contact your local Centre to find out more. You can find your nearest Maggie’s Centre using the search tool below.

If you’re looking to meet other people living with cancer you could also visit our Online Centre, which offers the same supportive community and practical, emotional and social support as you’ll find in all our Centres.

"When you are gardening, you are in the moment; you are not worrying about the past or the future. The gardening group is a supportive environment, people can discuss issues in the group and the activities allow them to relax."

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