Kitchen Table Sketch-up


Wednesday 28 June 2017


West Handyside Space (between Central St Martins and Waitrose close to Granary Square)



For further information on the Sketch up contact Caro Communications


As part of the London Festival of Architecture and in support of Maggie’s, a live sketch-up event is taking place at King’s Cross on Wednesday 28 June. It will bring together a range of professionals, amateurs, architects, artists, students, illustrators and designers to take part in a public sketching session that will also engage passing visitors to the area.

A series of giant tables will be set up with a range of sketching themes and activities taking place throughout the afternoon. Large-scale rolls of paper will be used, with experienced practitioners sketching alongside informal doodlers.

To avoid the fear of a large empty piece of paper, a range of themes and inspirations are suggested for participants including prompts and ideas to get the creative juices flowing supported by an experienced art facilitator. In response to the London Festival of Architecture’s theme of ‘memory’ architects will be invited to draw from memory buildings of significance in their careers either from their own portfolio, history or architectural travels

For architects wishing to engage with Maggie’s  ethos of great architecture delivering calm and uplifting spaces , there will be a forum to sketch from memory a place of refuge or recovery, or indeed to sketch a new type of Maggie’s Centre for the future.

Everyone is welcome to join the event and bring their own personal sketching style and inspiration to the table. All materials will be supplied, and after the event, an online auction of sketches produced will take place to raise funds Maggie’s.

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