Skydive for Maggie's


Wednesday 1 January 2020 - Thursday 31 December 2020


Challenge yourself to take on an experience of a lifetime!

See the world from new heights to create an unforgettable experience!

Fancy having a go?


What is a Tandem Skydive?

This jump takes place on one day and there is no training required apart from a briefing with the instructor before hand. The jump is in tandem as you jump with a fully qualified instructor.

After exiting the plane at 10,000 feet you experience freefall for 40-45 seconds and at 5,000 feet the instructor deploys the main canopy and you parachute to the ground. The landing is controlled by the instructor.

You just enjoy the view!

How to register

  1. Fill out the register your interest form and let us know which Skydive location you are interested in.
  2. We will get in touch with our Skydive partners at Run for Charity and will be in touch with you to book you on a suitable date.
  3. Once a location and date have been agreed you are ready to go!


Where and how much?

You will pay for the cost of the jump which means all your £250 fundraising target will be sent straight to your local Maggie's centre to help us help everyone with cancer. We ask each jumper to raise £250 so we can continue to provide free cancer support to anyone who needs it.


1. Beccles (Suffolk/Norfolk) £50 deposit £165 on the day.

2. Sibson (Cambridgeshire) £50 deposit £165 on the day.

3. Swindon (Wiltshire) £45 deposit £180 on the day.

4. Salisbury (Wiltshire) £40 depsot £210 on the day.

5. Honiton (Devon) £40 deposit £230 on the day.

7. Swansea Airport £30 deposit £230 on the day.

8. Tilstock (Shropshire)  £30 deposit £230 on the day.

9. Bridlington (East Yorks) £40 deposit £220 on the day.

10. Hibalstow (N Lincs) £30 deposit £249 on the day. 

11 . Peterlee (Durham) £30 deposit £255 on the day.

12 . Cockerham (Lancashire) £30 deposit £205  on the day.

13 . Reading (Oxfordshire) £30 deposit £200 on the day.


In return for taking on this amazing challenge Maggie's will be on hand to offer fundraising advice and support you as you prepare for your jump.


How your money helps

Your support means so much to the people affected by cancer who come to our Centres each day. It costs £590,000 a year to keep a Maggie's Centre open, and the money you raise will help your Maggie's Centre continue to provide emotional, practical and social support to people with cancer and their family and friends.

Find out more about how your money makes a difference to Maggie's.

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