Talks at Maggie's Oxford


Wednesday 16 May 2018 - Thursday 8 November 2018

Come and join us at Maggie's Oxford for a range of fascinating talks from Dan Snow, George Clarke and Charlie Luxton. 

Price: £20 per talk. All tickets include a glass of wine and nibbles.

These talks are in association with Writers in Oxford.


Dan Snow - Thursday 13th September, 7.30pm

Dan Snow is a presenter and popular historian. He has presented programmes like ‘1066: A Year to Conquer England’ and ‘The Vikings Uncovered’. He has a history slot on ‘The One Show’ and hosts the podcast ‘Dan Snow’s History Hit’. Dan has also written several books on history, several in partnership with his father, Peter Snow.


George Clarke - Tuesday 30th October, 7.30pm

George Clarke is an architect, TV presenter and Creative Director of architectural practice George Clarke + Partners. He is best known for presenting ‘The Home Show’, ‘The Restoration Man’ and ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’. George has also written several books to accompany his shows.

George enjoys lecturing and is passionate about the way architecture can transform our everyday lives; his aim is to make architecture popular and accessible to everyone.

George is also an ambassador for Maggie’s.


Charlie Luxton - Thursday 8th November, 7.30pm

Charlie Luxton is an architectural designer who combines his design work with writing and presenting TV programmes. He is best known for ‘Treehouses’, ‘Our Homes and Property’ and ‘Build a New Life in the Country’. He is also a regular designer on ‘DIY: SOS’, and wrote ‘Restored to Glory’ back in 2005.

Charlie is particularly passionate about the environment and communicating his enthusiasm for sustainable architecture and eco-friendly design.


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