Ways to donate

Charitable trusts and foundations support

Trusts and foundations provide around a quarter of our funding and help us to support thousands of people affected by cancer. If you are a trustee or have links to charitable trusts, foundations or other voluntary funding bodies, please get in touch.


Sustaining and growing our existing network of Maggie’s Centres

Core funding is invaluable in helping us ensure our Centre staff are equipped to support people walking through the front door of Maggie’s Centres every day.

The John Ellerman Foundation’s three-year grant to fund our Operations Director who oversees Maggie’s support programme has allowed us to support our Centres centrally and improve our services.


Building new Maggie’s Centres

As Maggie’s continues to grow around the UK, there are many opportunities to fund our new Centres including ones in Leeds, The Royal Marsden in south London, and Southampton.

The Summerfield Trust provided grants worth £100,000 to fund the living room in Maggie’s Cheltenham.

"The Summerfield Trust has always supported innovative projects in Gloucestershire. We are thrilled to support Maggie’s which will be a huge help to people living with cancer in the county."


Funding staff posts

Our staff work directly with vulnerable people every day helping them to find the best way to face cancer.

Dimbleby Cancer Care awarded a three-year grant to fund the Clinical Psychologist at Maggie’s London which sees hundreds of people each week.

"Cancer treatment can de-humanise. Cancer care tries to do the opposite. It is this ambition that led us to set up Dimbleby Cancer Care and to offer our support to the Maggie's team. We are proud and pleased to be working with them."
David Dimbleby


Supporting programme costs

Grants of any size can make a real difference and can help us deliver our programme of support in our Centres.

The McGrath Charitable Trust awarded £4,200 to fund the development of our six-week cancer survivorship course, ‘Where now?’ at Maggie’s London. Their grant covered staff time, training and resources costs.


Contact us

If you would like to find out more about Maggie’s, please contact our Trust and Statutory Fundraising Managers Katharine Warburton (England and Wales) or Jenny Rutherford (Scotland).