Cycle, run or even swim - plan your journey between our Centres

The possibilities are endless, because you choose when, how, why and where to travel

Here are a few ideas to kick-start your imagination:

    • An intrepid coastal trek – hike from Maggie’s Dundee to Maggie’s Aberdeen weaving through beautiful coastal towns and villages and take in epic scenery.
    • Land’s End to John O’Groats with a twist – cycle from Maggie’s West London to Maggie’s Highlands, taking on a Maggie’s inspired version of this legendary event.
    • Seven Centres in Seven Days – push yourself to the limit and make your way to seven Centres in seven days – run, cycle or take a helicopter, it’s up to you!
    • Architectural pilgrimage – Maggie’s stunning Centres are designed by world renowned architects. Plan a tour around your favourites.

What's the distance between our Centres?

We have numerous Centres across the UK and abroad. Take a look at our mile matrix to see how many miles there are between each one.


Maggies to Maggies distances

Useful links

To help plan your route, whichever way you choose to travel, there a number of websites dedicated to helping you get around and, most importantly, stay safe. We are here to help you so please get in touch with your local Maggie's Centre for further information and support.


If you are planning to cycle, Sustrans can provide a number of example routes across the UK through the National Cycling Network, tips on road safety, bike maintenance and planning.  


    • Ramblers Routes is an online library of over 2,000 inspiring routes for walkers to follow across the UK, there is a small membership fee to access all their routes and guides.
    • Walking Routes provides a search facility broken down by area to help you get the most from your walk between your chosen Centres.
    • National Trails is a source of information on planning your route to include the best Trails in England and Wales.
    • is the urban walking route planner.  Get a route map between any two points, including your journey time, calorie burn, step count and carbon saving.


You may wish to undertake your Maggie’s to Maggie’s in one day or to split it up over a number of days.  Here are some suggestions to help you plan your accommodation needs.

    • Visit Scotland has a simple search facility to help you find the best accommodation to suit your needs as well as recommendations on good places to eat and things to see and do.
    • Visit England has tips on getting the best from traveling around England as well as search facilities on where to stay.
    • Visit Wales has plenty of choices from luxurious castles to glamping sites.
    • TripAdvisor has recommendations on all types of accommodation, things to see and do across the UK and all the reviews are from travellers helping you decide what is right for you.

Contact us

We're on hand to help you plan your route in any way we can. Speak to a Centre Fundraiser at your Maggie’s Centre for more information.