The architecture and design of Maggie's Aberdeen

Maggie’s Aberdeen was built in 2013. It is a white building in the shape of a pebble or shell and offers warmth and a feeling of safety and protection to all its visitors.

The building

Both the building and landscape were designed by Snøhetta, and the overarching plan was to create a design that was both welcoming and inspirational. People have said they feel safe when they walk into the Centre and, despite the height of the ceiling, the architects have created a space that feels calming and peaceful. Perfect for the delivery of our programme of support.



The garden

The Centre sits among sculpted green lawns, like a pebble on the grass, with a group of Beech trees marking the main entrance. Our gardens are still to fully establish, however the cherry trees by the back of the building will offer an outside haven in the better Aberdeen weather. 

Snøhetta is an international architecture practise with offices in New York and Oslo, and projects across Europe, Asia and North America. They were founded in 1989.

"In a world of architectural commercialism, it has been the most meaningful task to seek employment with spaces, materials and landscapes in the service of psychological and emotional healing processes," said Snøhetta's Kjetil Thorsen.

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