Memory and attention at Maggie's Aberdeen

Thursday 22 August

Memory and attention at Maggie's Aberdeen

August saw the launch of the ‘Memory and Attention’ course run at Maggie’s in partnership with NHS Occupational Therapy colleagues.

Spread over 5 sessions, the course is designed to help with what many call “chemo brain” - i.e. problems with concentration, attention, memory and executive functioning (e.g. planning, decision-making, multi-taking etc.) after cancer treatment.

A common but often overlooked problem, the course was developed by psychologists at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre and will be run at Maggie’s throughout the year. Participants are given information about the wide-ranging nature and impact of cognitive difficulties and how to adapt to them to lessen their impact.

Sessions are led by Jenny, our Clinical Psychologist, and Alison and Joanne, Occupational Therapists from ARI and Roxburghe House.

Those starting the course have so far enjoyed sharing their difficulties, saying it’s good not to feel alone with these issues, and they're looking forward to learning strategies to improve their day-to-day functioning.