Fearless fundraiser celebrates 80th birthday in style

Monday 29 April

Fearless fundraiser celebrates 80th birthday in style

On Saturday 4 May one of our supporters, Anne Fiddes, celebrated her 80th birthday in style - by leaping out of a plane!

Anne took to the skies with her friend Helen who is also turning 80 this spring. The fearless friends - or 'The Daredevils', as they prefer to be known - made the decision to take on a skydive two years ago after Helen abseilled down the Forth Bridge to raise funds for the Air Ambulance.

Helen and I were talking about her abseil and I asked what she would be doing next. When she mentioned the skydive I thought it sounded great and we could do it together.

Anne, one of Helen's friends

So far Anne has raised an incredible £1,670 for our centre, while Helen is busy raising a fantastic amount in support of  the Air Ambulance. 

With only a few days to go before the big dive, Anne, who had been training for the big day with a strict regime of country dancing and keep fit, was looking forward to making the leap.

The worst bit was signing the waiver which said that I understood that sometimes the person who you jump with may land on top of you. I just hope he's not too big!