Just Dance for Maggie's Glasgow

Monday 30 January

Just Dance for Maggie's Glasgow

Lorraine has been a keen supporter of Maggie’s for several years, and with her creative flair and passion for Maggie’s, and for dance, she gathered her network and in 2010, Just Dance was born.

In its infancy the event took place in smaller, local venues at took the guise of Mambo for Maggie’s, Oscars Night and Stars in Their Eyes, until demand ensured it grew and cemented its Strictly-style format.

Lorraine tells us:

In 2013 we decided to do a Just Dance event based around Strictly and we were blown away by the response.

In our first year we sold over 530 tickets and soon realised there was huge scope for this to be an annual event. We were blown away that we had seen such success inviting only friends and family. A lot of this support can be credited to the fact that I was receiving chemotherapy while planning the evening.

Our first aim of the event has always been to provide a fun and value for money evening to our guests and raise awareness of the work Maggie's does.

Now the event has become so popular and quoted by the Crowne Plaza as their "best event of the year" that we are selling out even before the tickets go on sale and have to auction of places to dance for the opportunity to be crowned the winner each year.

Just Dance for Maggie’s is a huge production and so much work goes in to putting on such a fun, slick event each year that we don’t know how Lorraine and her dedicated team have time for anything else!

After 2015 and 2016’s events both raised a phenomenal fifty-thousand pounds each year, we at Maggie’s Glasgow are delighted to be in receipt of such dedicated support.