Menopause Workshop

Monday 29 April

Menopause Workshop

For women, the menopause is part of life and because of this it is not always talked about. For some women their treatment causes the menopause and is seen as just a side effect. At Maggie’s, we understand the impact that menopausal symptoms can have on everyday life and believe that women should be given the chance to discuss their menopausal symptoms, concerns and find out what help is available. The opportunity to sit and talk with other women and share experiences is something that can be very therapeutic.

In partnership with the Sandyford clinic, we run a workshop focusing on living with menopausal symptoms.  The session is run by Fiona, one of our Cancer Support Specialists and a specialist sexual health doctor from the Sandyford. The workshop allows women to come together, talk, learn and also look at samples of products that may be useful. Maggie’s is a safe environment so the workshop allows people to talk frankly about menopausal issues, which can be minimised by other people. The opportunity to explore the symptoms of the menopause and have an informative and practical discussion is invaluable.  

The next workshop will run on Tuesday 4 June, 11-12.30pm.

To book a place, call the centre on 0141 357 2269 or pop into the centre.