Nutrition Workshops at Maggie's Glasgow

Monday 24 April

Nutrition Workshops at Maggie's Glasgow

Making sense of the all the conflicting advice surrounding diet and nutrition can be confusing. For people affected by cancer, it can be even more challenging to determine what is good dietary advice. Often people find that diagnosis and treatment can cause changes in appetite and taste. For some people they may gain weight whilst others can find it difficult to eat or gain weight. Eating well during and after cancer treatment can make a real difference to the way you feel.

With the generous support of the Scottish Power Foundation we are able to offer a bespoke nutrition course in Glasgow. Our nutrition course introduces you to types of food that are particularly good for you as well as the tastiest ways to enjoy them. 

The course runs for eight weeks, and is open to anyone affected by cancer. Each session is informative and fun and led by a dietician. The course covers treatment-related eating challenges and provides the opportunity to ask questions about your own diet. It combines theory based discussion weeks and practical weeks which encompasses learning and cooking in our Centre kitchen.

You will be given a booklet on eating well, a selection of inspiring recipes and recommendations for websites to help you eat healthy, delicious meals.

The course is open to people with cancer and their families and friends and runs on Fridays from 10.30am-12.30pm. Places must be booked in advance. For further details on the course contact the Centre on 0141 357 2269 or pop in to speak to a member of the team.