Yoga at Maggie's Glasgow

Wednesday 16 January

Yoga at Maggie's Glasgow

Yoga is a whole body philosophy that involves:

  • working with breathing (pranayama)
  • stretching exercises
  • postures (asanas)
  • meditation

These create harmony between your mind, body and spirit and help clear and calm your mind.

Evidence shows that exercise like yoga offers many benefits, from reducing fatigue and improving your wellness and physical fitness, to building your confidence during and after treatment and reducing anxiety.

Yoga for Health takes place in Maggie’s Glasgow on Friday’s from 11.30-12.30pm.  The class is open to anyone affected by cancer, including relatives and carers. The class is tailored to individual abilities and also provides the chance the meet other people.  This is a drop-in class so no booking is necessary, just come in for the opportunity to practice yoga in a safe, comfortable environment and no prior yoga experience is required.

To find out more contact the centre on: 0141 357 2269.