Pay for a Day at Maggie's Lanarkshire

Tuesday 23 April

Julie, our yoga teacher at Maggie's Lanarkshire has just completed our first Pay for a Day for this year by selling beginner Yoga DVD’s both in the centre and with her own clients, family and friends.

Julie says:

I’ve been a Yoga Teacher for seven years now and have been teaching at Maggies (Lanarkshire and Glasgow) for three years.

Initially a Personal Trainer, I fell upon yoga as I needed to improve my flexibility and try to slow down the ageing process on my body, which was getting a few more niggles than normal.

Yoga has helped me realise many things about myself. Mostly that I can change my life and direction with my career, personal life and build my confidence. I love teaching, especially at Maggies. There is a great calmness after a class, a sense of relief and rest in the participants and an overwhelming gratitude for the yoga and towards me.

There are always adjustments I can help with, and everyone is welcome, no matter what stage of treatment you are experiencing.

I’ve been fundraising this last year for Lanarkshire along with my sister Kirsty Macdonald who made a sold pottery birds and we have raised over £2,814 to cover the cost of a day. I chose the 22nd March as this would’ve been my Gran's birthday had she not passed from ovarian cancer.

If you would like to Pay for a Day at Maggie’s Lanarkshire get in touch and the fundraising team who can support you with your fundraising.