Maggie's - Our port in a storm!

Thursday 10 January

Maggie's - Our port in a storm!

Travelling over 11,000 miles in total for treatments, Maggie’s was our port in a storm

My wife Heather is being treated at The Christie Hospital for stage 3 Ovarian Cancer, Heather came off her clinical trial as it was detrimental to her health so her treatment options are now limited. We have travelled to hospital from our home in Cumbria over 70 times in the last 4 years which totals more than 11,000 miles.

Before Maggie’s opened the only places we could wait were the hospital lounge or if I brought Jack our Collie Dog with me then I had to stay in the car outside sometimes for hours.

As soon as we heard about Maggie’s we came over like a shot. We absolutely love the environment here it’s a home from home for us and didn’t feel like we were in a hospital in a city. We spoke to Angela one of the Cancer Support Specialists which we both found very helpful.

Our dog Jack loves coming to Maggie’s; I have my chair near the entrance and everyone who comes in wants to come and say hello to Jack!

Being able to come to Maggie’s helps take the stress of the travelling away, not only for me and Heather but for Jack too. He absolutely loves coming to Maggie’s it’s like his second home. We no longer have to worry about leaving Jack at home or staying with him in the car.

Maggie’s has been a lifeline, it’s a place to retreat to and relax away for the hubbub of the hospital. There’s a warmth here in the building of friendship.

If Maggie’s hadn’t been here travelling so far from home so many times would have been much more stressful. It felt depressing to have to wait in the car for Heather during her treatment but now I have a real home from home at Maggie’s to relax in which makes everything much more bearable.

I don’t know what we would do if Maggie’s wasn’t there for us.


Ray, centre visitor