Why I love creative writing at Maggie's

Thursday 18 October

Why I love creative writing at Maggie's

I have recently joined the creative writing group which has given me a huge confidence boost. During this current round of chemotherapy I have felt isolated as I am not able to work and am too tired to go out with friends. It has really helped me to get out of the house and come and talk to people. I felt shy at first but the group is so warm and welcoming that I instantly felt at ease there. It’s so supportive to be with people who are going through a similar experience to me. A lot of the time I find myself writing about my cancer but not always, it just helps me to feel a little bit more normal, on the same page and not alone.

One of the first poems I wrote in the group;

Come to the edge,

It’s not a request,

It’s not a choice,

The road doesn’t fork,

Come to the edge,

Or the edge comes to you.

When I first walked into Maggie’s I immediately felt it was a safe space where I could talk about things that really scared me and where there was no need to put on a brave face.  I felt I had bottled up all my feelings over time so as soon as someone said “are you ok?” I immediately burst into tears.

Speaking to Angela, the Cancer Support Specialist, was great as she just listened to everything I said and it made me feel acknowledged, I felt at home straight away.

When in the centre I’m happiest just sitting around the kitchen table talking to other centre visitors. There is a great community here and when you spend time here together it’s not just about receiving support but giving it too. Maggie’s makes me feel grounded, I don’t feel a victim here just another person.

My cancer is incurable and I am currently undergoing palliative chemotherapy as my cancer has spread to my lungs, I don’t know where I would be without Maggie’s.