Father and daughter take on Ealing Half Marathon together

Friday 19 October

Father and daughter take on Ealing Half Marathon together

Meet Samantha (Sam) and her wonderful dad, Francis: Sam and Francis aren’t only father and daughter, they are the best of friends too. They even do karate together!

When Francis was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour in December 2016, despite their huge shock, the family rallied around to ensure he had all the support he needed. This included visiting Maggie’s and seeing what was on offer in the programme, both practically and emotionally, for Francis and the whole family.

Francis met a great support network at Maggie’s, and became a regular at the Men’s Group, meeting others going through a similar experience.

When watching the Great North Run one day following his diagnosis, Francis stated that he’d like to take part the next year, completing the 13.1 mile route around Newcastle… Whilst delighted with his ambition and drive, his family managed to convince him that the slightly more local Ealing Half Marathon would be just as much of a challenge!

So, after his chemotherapy finished in March of this year, Sam registered them both to take part in the half marathon in September, giving six months to train for the day.

On Sunday 30th September, they both crossed the finish line, along with various friends and colleagues who also signed up to join them. At present they have raised over £2,500 in sponsorship, which may soon be matched by generous corporate contributions. 

Sam said:

We are so happy to have taken part in Ealing Half Marathon together for Maggie’s because it has brought us much closer together and it has given us a goal to focus on no matter how hard things got, there was always something to look forward to.

Francis said:

I found it exciting to do the Ealing Half Marathon especially after 14 months of not being as active I used to be. With the help of Maggie’s and the Ealing Half Marathon I feel like I have come back to myself. It felt amazing to raise so much money for Maggie’s so I could give back to them, so they can help others like they have helped me.

Francis continues to do well and has regular check-ups, along with regular visits to Maggie’s.