Kids' days to start at Maggie's West London

Friday 11 January

Kids' days to start at Maggie's West London

We all know that a diagnosis of cancer can turn your world upside down and make you rethink what is important in life, and here at Maggie’s we hope to support you with next steps and adjusting to a slightly different life.

A cancer diagnosis does not just affect one person in a family, it affects the whole family unit; this we are sure many of you already know. At Maggie’s we are aware that children often deal with difficult experiences differently to adults, and we are using this knowledge to shape the programme of support we are offering to families in the coming months.

To support more children in 2019, we are launching a new series of “Kids’ days” here at the centre, welcoming youngsters and their families to participate in music workshops with ‘RockSteady’, as well as take part in an Art Therapy session with Julie, our Art Therapist. Parents and children can also ask questions of our Cancer Support Specialists, but most importantly children will have the opportunity to meet other children in a similar situation.

These workshops will take place on Saturdays so as not to interrupt the school week. Watch this space for dates announced soon, and register your interest email: